Invitation to a first meeting about a common long-term mobilization of the climate justice movement, 1 st June 2018, Vienna.

At the January 2018 CJA meeting in Amsterdam, many people felt the need to scale up our actions in response to accelerating climate change and global injustice.

For that, it appeared important that our actions are expressed as complementary elements in a common long-term escalation strategy – consisting of ongoing, inter-connected, increasingly inclusive, massive and radical campaigns. Ultimately, the climate struggle requires a radical system change, so our mobilization obviously also implies strengthening alliances with a lot of other struggles, be it with no-border-activists, queer-feminists .... etc.

In Amsterdam, a small group of people was formed who wanted to give that idea a shot. After some conference calls, we came up with a text which is hopefully inspiring to you; and we warmly invite you to join an international meeting at the Austrian Climate Camp on 1st of June 2018. Here, we would like to discuss the idea with you and form a strategy, communication model and narrative to rise up together.

So below the outline of how a common long-term international mobilization of the climate justice movement could look like.
Please discuss this idea in your local group; network; campaign and send people to the meeting in Austria.
Please contact us if you plan to come: by2020we@riseup.net

Turning the tide - Streaming together towards 2020

Let's join for a long-term escalation of action for climate justice and system change

The climate crisis is already upon us. The 1.5 degree target is a matter of life and death for millions of people. Meeting it requires that industrialised States be on a reduction pathway by 2020. Instead, States are still encouraging the extraction and use of fossil fuels. And this is only one of the challenges we face.

For change to happen, our actions must scale up massively, and be seen as a common struggle.

Let's connect our diverse local struggles – against mines or pipelines, against plastic production or agro-industry, against banks and borders. We are not fighting single issues – together we are fighting the countless destructions threatening the environment, the discriminations and inequalities produced by the capitalist system.

Let's join for a huge mobilization for climate justice and system change, culminating in a massive uprising in 2020.

At the same time we are laying the foundations of a new society based on caring for each other and the planet. We are creating resilient networks in which we can grow and produce, share and care.

Here are some ideas on how it could all look like:

Now: Getting started

Planning our local struggles with strategies to escalate and broaden over time, maybe starting small, but with ambitious goals – imagining already how they can grow, involve new allies and more radical forms over time. Longer term local strategies will facilitate the on-going efforts to coordinate our struggles - be it through skill sharing, decentralized mobilizations or mass convergences.

2019: Gaining momentum

Where already possible, mass actions inspire and train our ability to mobilize large numbers. Conferences, camps and gatherings outline our vision for a livable future beyond profit.

2020: Uprising

For 2020 – and the battles beyond - we mobilize huge numbers of people against diverse targets all over Europe for mass actions of civil disobedience. Non-violently but all the more determined, we rise up for global climate justice.

Both resisting and building, we are weaving together the threads of our struggles to show the big picture of how we want to live together – by 2020 and beyond.

The 2020 campaign is an invitation to develop a long term perspective and seek convergences. We don‘t know yet what will happen exactly... but we know we want to be together; we have to be together...

System Change not Climate Change


people from various European climate justice groups