3rd wave

Third wave

It’s 2020, where do we go from here? How do we achieve the change we need? How do we escalate, or take our ideas to the next level? For the past year, groups have been trying to figure out answers to these questions.

Spring is coming and, with it, many calls for mobilizations: from the youth to XR to targeting fossil companies online or AGMs in the real world, or even taking it to infrastructures, or spreading people’s assemblies across Europe in a push for reclaiming political sanity and real democracy, conversations are well underway and plans being made. We will take on the fossil economy, showing this problem has roots. We will aim at disrupting those that destroy our planet, our future. Our diversity will show in our actions, be it by preventing AGMs from taking place, reclaiming the streets or blocking the arrival of fossil fuels.

Prepare your plans and ideas, and come to Brussels so that we can sketch an uprising together.

It takes a lot of us to make this uprising happen. We need you to shape this process with us.