2nd Climate Camp Leipzig

The Climate Camp Leipzig will continue in 2019, from the 3rd to 12th of August! Save the date—if possible also some days before and after the camp to help building up and tearing down.

There are still many reasons for a Climate Camp: in spite of the decision of the German commission on coal (Kohlecommission) and even though the coal reserves under Pödelwitz will not be needed to ensure heat production until 2038, the coal cooperation MIBRAG insists on demolishing the village. On top of that, the influence of the political right is increasing. The denial of climate change is fashionable again. But the fight for climate justice cannot be fought, without pushing back on racism and fascism. Therefore the main focus of this year’s climate camp will be anti-racism and anti-fascism.

It takes a lot of us to make this uprising happen. We need you to shape this process with us.