Antikoloniale Demo 2019


Colonialism has never ended. The neocolonial-capitalist system still wants to silence and to marginalize us. With fascism rising everywhere, time has come to unite and stand together!

The 12th of October marks the „discovery“ of America by the Europeans in 1492. It’s the founding stone of a big lie that lives on until today in forms of white supremacy, eurocentrism and ignorance. October 12th marks the beginning of the colonial genocides, of the destruction and robbery of precolonial societies, culture and knowledge, of forced christianization, the exploitation of the indigenous peoples, their land and ressources, the transatlantic slave trade and the globalization of the a system that is wrecking life on our planet.
Until today October 12th is celebrated as „Columbus Day“ and „dia de la raza“ (Spanish: „race day“) by colonial states. The „heroic achievements“ of Columbus are still taught in German schools, while our forests are burning for the profit of multinational coorporations and neocolonial regimes. German weapons are exported to war zones to kill people, while people fleeing these wars are left to drown to not enter Europe. This hypocrisy can no longer be tolerated.

We were not discovered, we discovered the lies of the colonial system.
We are not inferior, we refuse to be subjugated to colonial racism.
We are not primitive, primitive is the system that destroys the nature that it needs in order to survive.
We are not people without history, in fact European „modernity“ could only be built on the gold and blood of the Global South.

We invite everyone to join the first Anticolonial March, to reconnect and to make our resilient voices heard. No flags of colonial and oppressive regimes!

The demonstration is part of the first Antikolonialer Monat 2019 taking place in Berlin between October and November 2019.

It takes a lot of us to make this uprising happen. We need you to shape this process with us.