Essen stellt sich quer

Let us all together make sure that nazis, hools and racists feel the pushback of a democratic, cosmopolitan and diverse society that they deserve! Let us stand in solidarity with those whom are targeted by their hate, violence, and exclusion. We will – in Steele on the 14^th of September but just as well in general – set an example and take to the streets. We won’t leave a single part of town, nor a single pub, and no other public space to the Nazis.

We’re standing up for an open society with solidarity and human rights for everyone in which diversity and self-determined life designs are self-evident. We’re opposing any kind of discrimination and exclusion. Together we’re standing up to fascism, anti-muslimic racism, antisemitism, antiziganism, antifeminism and hostility towards LGBTIQA*.

Join us on the 14^th of September for the demonstration in Essen-Steele!

Start is at 16:30 at Grendplatz (tram lines 103, 109 or S1, S3, S9 going to Steele train station)

It takes a lot of us to make this uprising happen. We need you to shape this process with us.