Global Lectures: “How We Learn To Win Battles”

Global Lectures: »How We Learn To Win Battles«
Live-Webinar Series with Jane McAlevey
29.10., 12.11., 19.11. & 26.11., 18–21 pm, motoki-Wohnzimmer

Every day we fight basic battles: to prevent the man-made climate catastrophe, to improve working conditions, for affordable housing, for gender equality or even to get answers to social questions, that go beyond nationalism and racism.
We have a world to win! And yet one question remains: how do we win it?

With these »Global Lectures«, Jane McAlevey gives a four-part crash course on organizing methods that help to win our struggles. Jane McAlevey has worked as an organizer her entire life: 30+ years of experience in the U.S. environmental movement and for U.S. trade unions. In her union organizing campaigns, she has earned a reputation for defeating the toughest opponents.

She has now scientifically processed her findings and condensed them under the concept of “Community Organizing”. In four consecutive webinars, Jane McAlevey will present the essential elements of her organizing methods and draw on her wealth of concrete experience and practical campaign knowledge. In her work, Jane McAlevey has also developed a variety of scenarios and interactive exercises, which will be integrated into the presentations. The “Global Lectures” are organised by the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation and streamed live by various organisations around the world at various locations, to bring people together in a global learning space.

The »School of Political Hope« (SPH) organizes the »Global Lectures« in Cologne in the Ehrenfeld motoki-Wohnzimmer on the following dates:

  • Tuesday 29.10., 18-21: Organizing vs. Mobilizing: Different models and strategies.
  • Tuesday 12.11., 18-21: How do I find organic leaders? Mapping and structure tests
  • Tuesday 19.11., 18-21: Open participatory negotiations
  • Tuesday 26.11., 18-21: Power structure analysis in our city and in our organizations

Jane McAlevey will speak English. However, there will be a digital German translation via weblink. We recommend that you bring a smartphone with headphones.

In addition, Myriam Zekagh and Georg Blokus will offer an introduction in English and German, followed by exercises, questions and discussions.

WE ASK YOU TO REGISTER TO THE EVENT VIA E-MAIL: workshops@politicalhope.eu

Tuesday, 29.10., 12.11., 19.11 & 26.11., 18–21 pm
motoki living room, Stammstr. 32-34, 50823 Cologne (Ehrenfeld)
Transportation: Körnerstraße (U3, U4), Liebigstraße (U5), and Köln Ehrenfeld
(RE, RB & S-Bahn)
Free admission (recommended donation: 5 Euro)

ORGANIZED AND MODERATED BY Georg Blokus & Myriam Zekagh

The »School of Political Hope« (SPH) was founded in 2017 by a group of political artists and cultural organizers from Cologne in order to change the political status quo with artistic methods and tools at the interface of culture, education and political self-organization. We believe that political transformations are based on the ability to imagine other possible futures and make them come true, by creating new political spaces of discourse and action – to counteract the cynical view that nothing really good and beautiful can ever happen again.
The SPH creates places for community building and the collection of knowledge – for those who no longer feel politically powerless, but who want to unlearn hopelessness and initiate a change of perspective, at the social scale, and most importantly together. In political-artistic learning spaces between Cologne, Europe and the world, people with vision who fight for democracy, civil and human rights, social and economic justice and sustainability meet people who
seek political hope and real-life progressive alternatives – in order to educate, organise and activate each other.

So far, SPH has been largely financed by its own resources and donations. We try our best to rely on public funding to cover our costs for personnel, public relations, communication, materials, venues, and much more. We would like to
thank our partners and all supporters who have made our events and activities possible. But to keep our work as independent and sustainable as possible, we still need to rely on your donations. And we thank you for them!

29.10.2019, 12.11.2019, 19.11.2019, 26.11.2019
jeweils von 18-21 Uhr.
Ort: Motoki-Wohnzimmer,
Stammstrasse 32-34
50823 Köln, Deutschland

It takes a lot of us to make this uprising happen. We need you to shape this process with us.