Das Treffen wird vom 4. bis 8. März in Brüssel (Belgien) statt finden.

2020 is here – the stakes are high, and so is both our power and determination.

But how do we connect, which strategies can make us win, what are the plans for 2020 (and beyond), including the third wave for Spring? To discuss this, and more, join the next European meeting of the By2020 platform in Brussels (Belgium), 4.-8. of March.

It will be organized in coordination with the CJA network and our British friends preparing for COP26.

Our movements need to come together – let’s meet to make this happen. Make sure your country is represented, your movement and also, simply, yourself.

As soon as its available, more information and the link to the registration will be published on this page.
Please check it from time to time.

See you there!
With hope, love and rage.

Die Protokolle von vergangenen Plena können hier nachgelesen werden: Organizational & Minutes.

Es ist viel Aufwand, diesen Aufstand zu verwirklichen. Wir brauchen dich um den Prozess zu gestalten.