How To: Strategy Planning

This is an exemplary strategy workshop to help your group plan more strategically. You can run this workshop with any group for any kind of campaign. The aim is to improve your chances of achieving your objectives. To achieve this, it invites a reflection about your audience, your target, and your tactics.


This exemplary strategy workshop was inspired by the Strategy Workshop run during the 5th European Strategy Meeting in March of 2020. For further insights into strategic planning, take a look into the minutes, specifically the sessions ‘Strategy Workshop I’ and ‘Strategy Workshop II’.

A reflection about the European Climate Justice movement in looking back at By2020WeRiseUp

One year after the end of the By2020-campaign, a couple of its former organisers reflected about the (European) climate justice movement and what can be learned from By2020WeRiseUp.
The reflections have been summarised in this article.