About By2020

By2020WeRiseUp is a platform supported by around 60 (climate) justice groups mostly based in Europe. Our aim is to create and facilitate spaces for coordination, to be a bridge between different struggles, to help groups and movements escalate their actions, and to strive towards a strategic and coordinated uprising against exploitative, destructive and unsustainable systems.

We believe that it is by coordinating our plurality of tactics, sensitivities, levels of actions and primary focuses, in short, our diversity, that we are strongest. We agree that, while different groups will have their own way of conducting a variety of actions, we can support each other’s actions simply by acting in a coordinated manner, aware of what is happening somewhere else, no matter where we are geographically located.

The core strategical idea of By2020WeRiseUp is coordinated, long-lasting and systemic disruption in waves of action. The basic idea is simple: what if everyone got together to talk, plan, and coordinate?

To that end, we provide:

  • this website, as a platform to give resources and more visibility to groups and help them connect.
  • strategy calls and physical meetings for groups to come together and think about common strategies and plans while respecting each other’s ideological and tactical diversity.
  • online communication tools (see Element) where groups can exchange information, create working groups, debate topics and collaborate with each other.
  • outreach work, connecting groups from different backgrounds related to climate justice, including solidarity, anti-repression, anti-fascist, feminist, anti-speciesist and other networks. You’re welcome to do your own outreach work to help grow this dynamics.
  • a contact point for questions and outreach. You may contact us using our official address and PGP key. We’ll do our best to fulfill your requests. You are also welcome to connect us to groups and movements that have not joined the By2020 platform yet.
  • a contact point if you are looking for legal support we don’t provide direct legal support but we can help connect you with legal teams from your region. If you have contacts for a specific country or region, you’re welcome to ask them if they would agree on us keeping their contact and passing it on to whoever would need their help.

Finally, this platform is coordinated by an international team of grassroots activists from all over Europe, coming from diverse personal and political backgrounds. Our aim is to provide a framework that is as inclusive and non-hierarchical as possible – not only internally, but also in the facilitation of group processes. You’re welcome to join the team or contribute in any other way. Let’s rise up together for a better future.
If you want to know even more about #By2020WeRiseUp, see our Beginner’s Guide!

Note: By2020WeRiseUp is not a climate justice group or superstructure and it does not coordinate or participate in actions, issue press releases, or speak for any participating initiatives.