Call out

This Call out is also available as pdf: download.
This document reached consensus during a European conference.

I. Why this call-out

Our time is one of fast changes and multiple global crises, not only of climate, that call for a response of the same scale.

We know that all of society’s dysfunctional aspects are linked through institutionalized socio-economic systems of exploitation of nature, humans and non-human animals. Those systems of inequalities, segregation of all kinds, hierarchies and powers are perpetuated by some who are not representing the common interest.

This is a time of all of our struggles coming together. We know that, while the climate crisis might be the most direct threat to our species and life on earth, all dysfunctional aspects of this system have to be addressed. Otherwise exploitative, destructive and unsustainable systems would only become stronger.

By starting this call-out we as European-based activists want to play our role in shutting down the

system of exploitation and of political and economic power. At the same time we strengthen each other all around the world, to help everyone connect and join this fight.

We stand in solidarity with those who are suffering the most. We stand in solidarity with workers and frontline communities of all continents. We stand with people of all genders, descents, languages, physical abilities, sexual orientations, experiences, ages and faiths. We stand in solidarity with every living being.

As people taking action, we take the stock of the urgency and the huge responsibility that is ours.

Many of us have benefited, at least to some degree, from the system, the rule of law and we are the ones who keep it working with our everyday acts.

We are living in the countries driving consumption and destruction of humankind and nature, by imposing our models and worldviews on other parts of the world. We commit to take responsibility for our common past, present and future. We will rise up to change a deadly system.

II. Vision

We call on everyone to rise up, in solidarity, with love and rage, with determination and strategy.

We call on everyone to rise up in a diverse and common struggle for life.

We call on everyone to coordinate with other groups, for example climate justice or international solidarity groups, workers’ associations, students, care-takers or faith communities.

We call on everyone who understands that the future can give birth to a better world.

We call on everyone who accepts and embraces the fact that our diversity and ability to choose is what makes us truly strong and human.

We call on everyone who feels like no one cares, to stand up and join the rest of us.

We call on everyone who knows that a system is meant to protect and represent the people, not destroy their humanity and future.

We call on everyone to use their favored means of acting and putting pressure, be it civil disobedience, demonstrations, sit-ins, reclaiming spaces, holding assemblies, covering cities with stickers, calling their representatives, petitioning them, walking out of schools and work, blocking the entrance of their town hall, the next roundabout, organizing mass celebration actions outside, holding meetings at home, printing leaflets and spreading them, taking a megaphone to rally people on the market square, taking their kids out of school, or their parents out of work, organizing gatherings to discuss the concrete transition and demands in their towns. We call on mass, coordinated, civil disruption of the current course of the system that is bringing humanity to the brink.We will rise up, for life, for our rights, for our humanity, for justice.

We will rise up for as long as needed and not give up.

We will be prepared, with demands and action strategies and we will not be caught off guard.

We will not abandon our future to decision-makers claiming to represent us, or to corporate power

interest, that only looks for profit.

We will not impose on anyone any type of action.

We will stand in solidarity with any kind of struggle.

We will challenge any kind of discrimination.

We will call for mass coordination, in our diversity.

We will rise up, in utter respect for life.

We will not go away. We will stay until our future and the one of other species on the planet is secured, for we are all part of the same life and ecosystem. We are all alive.

III. Strategy

We come together and work out concrete targets that fit our national and regional contexts and capacities.

We agree that, while different groups will conduct a variety of actions, we will support each other’s actions simply by the fact that we’ll be acting in a coordinated manner, aware of what is happening somewhere else, no matter where we are located geographically. We will act in such a way that we will cause massive disruption of the system, both regionally and globally.

We will work out the demands that will ensure that the just transition is happening fast enough to prevent further catastrophes such as climate change over 1.5°C or ecosystems and societies collapsing.

We will act in a coordinated and strategic manner, with strong and effective demands, united and not letting ourselves getting divided by powers.

We will not listen to arguments trying to make us believe that the current system is the only way, or even a way at all.

We are ready to dig in our heels and stay until we win, for this fight is a fight for and by justice and life. We are ready to stay until we achieve a future which is just, sustainable and liveable for existing and upcoming generations.