ClimAcció (Climate Action) is a climate justice group which was founded recently in Barcelona. We started meeting in July 2018 to organise the Marxa pel Clima (Climate March), a demonstration held on 10 November 2018 that mobilised a large number of organisations and individuals, gathering approximately 3,000 participants. Following this demonstration, we decided to constitute a permanent group to pursue climate action.

Our group is highly heterogeneous: we encompass very diverse activist experiences and life stores that ultimately enrich the group. So far, we focused on developing the group’s collective identity and structure, as well as establish priorities for future actions.

Although we have yet to carry out an initiative of our own, we have creatively participated in other mobilisations that we endorse and have established partnerships and alliances. Examples include the feminist rally held on March 8, in which we actively contributed to the Bloque Ecofeminist/a (Ecofeminist Bloc), or the school strike for climate held on March 15. We have deployed activism tools to obtain a greater communicative impact across all these collaborations.