GEN Deutschland

The association GEN Germany (Global Ecovillage Network Germany) was founded in 2015 and is a constantly growing network. Our members - ecovillages, municipalities as well as residential and life projects - see themselves in the sense of the Global Ecovillage Network as research and training centres with a model character for society as a whole.
We are part of a family, part of a movement with a common direction of development. We want to encourage and strengthen each other and create structures for common growth and learning as well as diverse spaces of encounter, exchange of experiences, competences and resources.
We are dedicated to the development of compatible, solidarity-based and creative solutions for mutual social support in the coexistence of generations.

Our communities are shaped by self-determined, value-oriented, participatory processes in order to ensure long-term sustainability on an economic, ecological, social and cultural level.
These four fundamental dimensions of sustainability reinforce and complement each other to create a holistic way of life and worldview.

We are committed to change the legal framework so that it promotes research and testing of sustainable lifestyles. We work consciously in society, raise our voices publicly, make our experiences available and create manifold support possibilities for existing and newly emerging communities.