Obóz dla Klimatu – Climate Camp


Obóz dla Klimatu was organised at Świętne, at the edge of an open-cast lignite mine, in July 2018.The main goal was to educate, network and empower people to act against climate changes. Nobody expected the first Polish Climate Camp to be so successful, as 400 people came when organizers expected  150 to come at most. The idea was to release people’s energy to organise and act. This has worked out, with about 40 people participating in a 1st organisational meeting after the Climate Camp. That was the moment when Obóz dla Klimatu has actually begin to exist not just as an event but as a grassroot organisation. The group is actively working on spreading information about climate change from Western media, that includes providing translations, as there is very little reliable resources about climate changes in Polish media.

When the situation at Hambacher Forst got intense, Obóz dla Klimatu organised an infotour through 10 cities. It was a very popular event, and resulted in many activists from Poland joining the Ende Gelände train to support the action. Their aim was also to promptly inform people what is happening and how they could help.

The collective is currently planning what actions they will engage in. „For sure, both ‘By 2020 we rise-up’ and Extinction Rebellion are inspiring initiatives that will have an impact on our future and will rise our spirits significantly“, they say.

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