Salmorejo Rebelde - Sevilla For Climate Justice

Salmorejo Rebelde is a collective from Sevilla that defends climate justice. We are not aligned with any political party, we self-organise in a horizontal manner, and we act according to the principles of nonviolence, including civil disobedience.

For Salmorejo Rebelde, climate justice is related to a critique of capitalism and the promotion of de-growth. It includes a perspective of anti-speciesism, ecofeminism and queer ecology, as well as decolonialism. Salmorejo Rebelde is an indepedent collective, even though it acts as a local node of Extinction Rebellion Spain. It forms part of By 2020 We Rise Up in Sevilla and beyond.

Twitter: @salmorejorebeld
Facebook: Salmorejo Rebelde
Instagram: Salmorejo Rebelde