Working groups

We have three different kinds of working groups:

  • Open working groups: Completely open working groups focusing on certain topics
  • Waves working groups: Working on different topics for the time of a wave
  • Internal working groups: Responsible for the facilitation of the whole platform

Open working groups

The following working groups are completely open for anyone to join and mainly focused on specific topics that came up during our regular European calls. Currently we have 8 working groups working on adapting to the Corona crisis, its challenges but also opportunities, as well as the social and economic crisis we are facing. In order to join a group, you need to join our Riot community.

Corona: Online actions

Corona means that traditional action forms we are used to might not be an option. But the internet sphere gives us plenty of space to take action in a different (sometimes maybe even more effective) way, and this time can also be about skillsharing. Let’s learn from successful past campaigns, identify targets and work on them (for example working around reputations, media space or narratives).

Corona: Narratives/Messaging

Which other world are we saying we can have/need? How can we use narratives to create bridges, reach out to other parts of society or of our movements, and change the understanding of what is ‘normal’ and what is ‘possible’ both for ourselves and the wider public

Corona: Media

What is the message towards media (economy, society, political failure…)? How to define a calendar - that is to say, how to balance occupying media space early enough, before growth and massive bail-outs have again become the only imaginable option, but not so early that people feel pressured and without the space/time to worry about Corona.

Corona: Repression

Emergency laws are being set up everywhere, shock doctrine is being applied, repression is (at risk of) being normalized. Do we do something now already (and if yes, what), do we wait and do something later (and if yes, what and when).

Corona: Radical solidarity

How to help create another world by already helping communities and preparing a strong basis for after (reclaiming spaces, guerrilla planting, helping out…).

Corona: Centralizing information

Many articles, analyses etc. have already been published. Let’s centralize the work that has been done here and keep an overview (articles etc.) in order to get a feeling of the direction in which the wind is blowing and, based on that, decide to what we should dedicate our efforts.

Corona: Actions in real life

Which ones are being maintained, which ones might be needed, which ones can be invented and easily spread as low entry level for people to join (as an example was mentioned the daily applause for carers), how to be creative, how to skillshare.

Corona: Broadening the spectrum

Talking with & supporting workers, exploring rent strikes and other forms of strikes, how to build bridges in the current crisis and improve the social aspect of our climate justice actions.

Waves working groups

After each European meeting a couple of working group are initiated targeting topics related to the next wave (NB: these groups are for most of them put on hold for now, due to a Corona-caused readjustement of plans)

  • 3rd wave narrative
  • 3rd wave tactics
  • 3rd wave objectives
  • 3rd wave coordination

Internal working groups

If you are interested in joining an internal working group, or have questions, contact us at Don’t hesitate to use our PGP key if possible ( what is PGP?).


The outreach working group’s aim is to spread the word that there is a will and effort to increase coordination&strategy between our movements, get people together across networks and regions, and help out with strategy-building.


The group in charge of maintaining and refining this website. You can contact them if you want to add something, have suggestions, spotted an error or want to help.


The translation working group’aim is to ensure that as much of the By2020WeRiseUp website and its documents as possible are translated into at least 4 languages.

You’re welcome to connect us to volunteer translators to enrich our list of contacts and make it more diverse and numerous!

Social Media

The Social Media working group’s aim is to connect existing actions/ platforms/ initiatives, to empower ourselves by seeing how much is already happening and to support one another in our online actions, especially on Twitter. You can also find us on Facebook, Mastodon and Instagram.


The Finance working group ensures By2020WeRiseUp has enough funds to keep operating. It is responsible for applying for funds and managing our expenses.

Meta + Process

The Meta + Process working group’s aim is to optimize internal processes and sort out structural issues within the internal team’s work.

Mobilization materials

The Mobilization materials working group plans, designs, edits and orders new mobilization materials, and is responsible for their distribution.