No to asphalt, Perpignan

Actions against the extension of an asphalt plant – 19th October, Perpignan, France

A call for demonstration and actions is being issued by a collective of organizations fighting against the extension of an asphalt plant on vegetable farming land close to Perpignan, France. Authorities have been lying to local populations, pretending that it was about the extension of an existing gravel pit, but it obviously is about expanding the plant. Air pollution, loss of fertile soil, risks of ground and superficial water pollution… This project cannot go ahead! Come and join a day of action at the location of the plant on the 19th of October:
To take part or help with the planning: stopbitumeperpignan@gmail.com
Facebook event : Occupation contre la centrale de bitume dans Perpignan
Petition: https://www.change.org/p/jean-marc-pujol-stop-a-la-centrale-de-bitume-dans-perpignan

Member organizations:

  •  Associations, collectives and trade unions : Als Horts, Alternatiba 66, ANV – COP21 , ASPAHR , Collectif AntiOGM66, ATTAC France, Collectif Cebta, Collectif Le vent tourne, Confédération Paysanne, Conseil Citoyen du Bas-Vernet, En Commun 66, FRENE 66, Gilets Jaunes du 66, Gilets Jaunes France Gilets Jaunes du 34, Jeunesse écologique révolutionnaire, Jeunes pour le climat, Jeunes Agriculteurs 66, La piraterie à roulettes, Les feuilles qui froissent, Saint-Hippolyte Environnement, Extinction Rébellion,…
  • Political groups: EELV 66, France Insoumise, Génération-s, Nou-s Perpignan, NPA 66, PCF 66, PG 66, PS 66, …
  • Inhabitants and citizens of Perpignan, Saint-Estève, and surrounding areas

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