Riot messenger

By2020 is proposing to use Riot as a tool for internal communication and we’d like to encourage you to use it!

You can also us other messengers based on Matrix, or, with the use of bridges, use different messengers altogether.

European Community

Many groups expressed the need for easier, smoother or more horizontal communication and coordination. We have therefore set up a European Riot channel that you are all free and welcome to use to share ideas, actions, needs, invites or any of the like, in the framework of the coming waves of actions.

Feel free to also create other groups in the community, for example national groups or theme groups (e.g. people’s assemblies, training…), and invite more people interested in the same topic as you to join these groups.

We had previously set up Discord but already announced in August that we would be moving to Riot for security reasons.

To join this European communication channel on Riot, you have to create an account on Riot and send your user name to: snn [-the at symbol] riseup [dot] net.

The aim of this platform is to help fast communication and coordination to increase our effectiveness as movements, in as secure a way as possible.

Of course, we are aware that there are many other platforms out there, and we encourage you to use whichever medium suits you best to stay in touch and coordinate (physical meetings, mailing lists, Wire- or Signal-groups…).

Preparing the 2nd wave

We would like to invite trusted members of groups to join the working groups on the second wave. These groups are looking into more concrete operational details for the second wave in areas such as narrative, actions, or impact.

If you would like to help with designing this framework and bringing your group or regional perspective and experience in this work, please send us an email at by2020we@riseup.net introducing yourself and giving us the email address of someone who can vouch for you from your group.

Muchos de nosotros son necesarios para poder desatar un verdadero levantamiento. ¡Ayúdanos a darle forma: te necesitamos!