By 2020 We Rise Up

À partir de fin septembre 2019, soulevons-nous par vagues d'actions stratégiques et coordonnées.

Où en est-on?

  • We are organising regular Corona calls. They are open for anyone who wants to join them. If you want to get informed about them, subscribe to our info list – see below.
    We will keep on discussing these topics in between the calls on Riot.
    Topics of the last calls were for example: how to reclaim media space & change narratives, what to do with emergency laws, how to organize effective online activism, how to do radical solidarity and organizing on the ground.
  • The exhaustive minutes as well as the executive summary of the Fifth European Strategy Meeting in Brussels are now online.
  • Next regular European call will be announced next week on the info list (date & agenda will partly depend on the outcome of the 24th of March call).
  • A huge THANK YOU to everyone who joined in Brussels! What a four days…
    The next European meeting will probably take place around the first week of July (not confirmed yet).
  • And, as always: if you’re not on the info list, now is the moment to subscribe! Write us at by2020we@riseup.net.

Ce n'est qu'en nombre que nous pourrons déclencher un véritable soulèvement. Aidez-nous à lui donner forme : nous avons besoin de vous !