14/11/2019 - 24/11/2019


We want to come together to plan together how we can live sustainable activism and domination-free structures. To achieve this, we want to take a deep breath together and go into the process, try to find questions and answers.
One third of the get-together should be designed as a regeneration room, one third as a workspace and one third for the conscious doing of care work.
The program is to be understood as an invitation and lives also from the common shaping with you and what is planned in the group and for individuals. Every day there will be a workshop, reflection rounds and regeneration elements. We want to open a space for active self-care, relaxation and further thinking.

14.-24.11.2019, Kommune Lebensbogen bei Kassel

Ce n'est qu'en nombre que nous pourrons déclencher un véritable soulèvement. Aidez-nous à lui donner forme : nous avons besoin de vous !