Ending the campaign

This announcement is also available as pdf: download

Dear friends,

after two years the By2020WeRiseUp-campaign will come to an ending.

The campaign had an end date built into it for a reason. We do not believe it makes sense for our movements to turn our collaboration platform into an institution for it’s own sake, and the current volunteer facilitation team does not have the capacity to overhaul and update the platform to best suit all of our needs. All good things must come to an end. We’re incredibly grateful about how all of you participated in and shaped By2020WeRiseUp and we are in awe of how far all our movement’s have come over the past few years. The results of our shared work will remain accessible via the By2020-website after the end of the campaign so that you can keep using these resources.

However, we want to stress that the end of the campaign will by no means have to mean the end of coordination or strategy conversations on the European level of the climate justice movement! By2020 originated from the CJA-network and that will continue to exist and thrive. If you or your group are interested in continuing the work on transnational coordination, for example The Glasgow Agreement is looking to take coordination and strategy to the next level.

The final European Strategy Conference ended with finding a direction for continued collaboration and recommendations based on lessons learned over the past few years. Have a look at the executive summary or, for all of the discussions, the exhaustive minutes.

Love and rage