Ideas for actions

Offline tactics in times of Corona

During the 5th by2020 European meeting of By2020WeRiseUp, a working group was created to work around tactics for actions focused on escalating pressure and confrontation in relation with our objectives, narrative, and targets for the spring wave (3rd wave) that By2020 was calling for before the outbreak of COVID19. However, the context changed drastically and with this adjustments were necessary.

This toolkit contains a series of ideas for offline tactics, both well-known and new. It’s not meant as a how-to, but as an inspiration for further research. We hope this can be useful for your group. Most tactics are designed to be done in a short period of time and by few people, or they take into consideration social distancing measures, so that any group can adapt them to their reality. We need to get back on the streets soon with the due precautions so we can take care of people while fighting the system that is killing us.

Download/view it here: A small and inspiring toolkit. (pdf)

General ideas for actions

This is a list of proposals for actions, both well-known and new.
It’s not meant as a how-to, but as an inspiration for further research. In its current stage, this document is rudimentary at best.
Ideally, it should become a practical effort collecting the knowledge and creativity of many seasoned activists, so if you have practical experience or theoretical background knowledge about actions or want to add more, please don’t hesitate to contact us, so we can add them: 2020we@riseup.net

Ideas for actions (pdf, english only)

At this moment, its also only available in pdf, and the formatting could be better. We will change that, when we have time.
(Do you have time? We would be happy if you want to help. Write to the above email address as well.)

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