(latest update: 14.07.20)

All you need to know about the next European Strategy conference:

While it will take place online due to Corona, we’d encourage you to meet up locally/regionally to make attending this online conference more interactive and dynamic (if your local Corona situation allows it, of course). Facilitation teams will do the same.

The conference will take place on BigBlueButton. We recommend using Chrome or Firefox.

When is the Strategy conference?

Begins: Friday 31st of July, 6pm CEST
Ends: Sunday 2nd of August, 5pm CEST
(with lots of breaks, games, and small groups sessions throughout the conference to keep it as productive and dynamic as possible)

What will it be about?

Overarching themes for the agenda will include:

  • Networking
  • Building together a picture of what has happened over the last months*Sharing existing plans and ideas
  • Sharing needs and calls for action for the autumnPresentation of existing European conversations around the autumn
  • Increase our shared understanding on how to support JusticeS movements in the autumn (social justice, racial justice…) by sharing thoughts and proposals
  • Building together a strategic analysis and compilation of thoughts about what could happen in the following months and where we want to get together
  • Agreeing on a non-binding framework aimed at reinforcing existing plans and identifying common objectives and/or targets, to bring our actions closer to creating a coherent and powerful wave
  • Reflecting on what should come after the autumn, with questions such as what could be the main priorities for 2021, what are missing to get even closer to climate justice, what sort of spaces do we need to coordinate and exchange (which future for the By2020 platform or a similar space?)

What do i need to prepare?

The more you prepare or share with us beforehand, the better we’ll be able to design the agenda to fit your needs!
Don’t hesitate to take these questions to your group and share your joint brain work in this form. If you can, please fill in this Input form until the 24th at the latest, in order to leave the facilitation team some time to integrate comments and needs in the final agenda

How do i sign up?

With the registration form! Registration will close on the 24th as well, so that we have time to arrange simultaneous translation if needed. Please also bear in mind that registration is compulsory for this online conference – only registered participants will receive the final practical details.

How can i help?

Further than registering on time, filling in the input form, spreading the word and making sure that your group(s) and country are represented and have set aside some time to prepare for the conference

Yes, there’s more you can do!

  • Do you have experience with facilitating online calls, while making participants feel empowered and welcome?
  • Do you have time to help us draft a good agenda, and bring one more brain to the thinking table?
  • Do you have tech support capacities or interests?
  • Do you know how to take good minutes and feel you can be relied on?
  • Do you have great ideas for online icebreakers or energizers?
  • Do you feel like you could help the accountability team make this a safe space for all?
  • Do you have experience in providing awareness support to participants?
  • Do you feel you could be a contact and support point for interpreters?
  • Or are you thinking about any other task that the organization of such an online conference would require?

Get in touch! We’d love to have you in the team 🙂
Write to: by2020we@riseup.net

Next steps

Once you’ve registered, you’ll hear back from us with more details regarding the agenda and technical details!

You can look up the minutes of past meetings here: Organizational & Minutes.

It takes a lot of us to make this uprising happen. We need you to shape this process with us.