Newsletter No. I

Dear people,

we are writing to you because you want to rise up with us – AGAINST the destruction of our life bases, FOR climate justice. Emissions should have decreased long ago to avoid catastrophic climate change. In 2020, we are determined, they finally will. Because we will turn the tide; because we will take it it into our own hands to stop fossil infrastructure and exploitive institutions. We need all hands on deck for that.

Read in this newsletter how you can contribute towards a massive long-term international mobilization for climate justice – how you can make it happen.

I. Rising up by 2020 – how can this happen? – Call for proposals
II. How to get involved
III. Next By2020-Meeting in Switzerland (29-31 March)
IV. Actions & Meetings
V. Trainings


We don’t know yet. There is no master-mind plan. Swarm intelligence is taking us forward step by step. Already 19 climate justice groups from all over Europe support the mobilization. They are fighting local struggles against gas pipelines, coal mines, industrial agriculture and aviation, all the while weaving a close international network all over Europe. Everyone involved tells the same story: of creating a society based on mutual care and respect towards planetary boundaries.
So YOU make plans that match your regional political context. WE connect, amplify and strengthen each other. Together we create the „big picture“ that will inspire thousands of people to take action and join a huge non-violent uprising by 2020.
We’ll talk more about that at our meeting in Switzerland (see III.) To get the debate going, send us your Call for Proposals how you want to rise up by 2020, until March 24th!


You want to get involved and be a part of the By-2020-We-Rise-Up-Campaign? We’re glad to hear! Here are some possibilities:

Keep updated:
The easiest way to get involved would be to sign up for our info-mailing-list. Dont worry, there won’t be a lot of traffic, only the most important updates will be spread via this list. Simply send us an email.

Join as a group:
If you are a climate justice group and identify with our goals, you can join the campaign by becoming a supporting group. Just send us a short descritpion of your group consisting of 3-4 sentences, a picture of one of your actions or meetings, and a weblink for further info..
To quote our webpage: “Let’s connect our diverse local struggles – against mines or pipelines, against plastic production or agro-industry, against banks and borders. We are not fighting single issues – together we are fighting the countless destructions threatening the environment, as well as the discriminations and inequalities produced by the capitalist system.”

Join as an individual – on local level:
If you’re not already organised, we can highly reccomend you to join an already existing climate justice group close to you. Just take a look at our supporters and take your pick!
If you’d like to establish a new climate justice group, we’d be happy to give you a hand along the way as well. We could support you in your early stages, for example by recommending you respective manuals or connecting you with likeminded or nearby groups. Our aim is to build up a network of trainers, so we might be able to connect you with people

Join our international organizing team:
If you want to become a part of our organising-team, we’d welcome you with open arms. We are organized in working groups and communicate primarily via e-mail and phone conferences. If you have more questions about our workflow and how you could get involved, join one of the calls that we offer (see below.)

Support our translation pool:
We’d also love the By-2020-We-Rise-Up-Campaign to be multilingual! To make that happen, we’d love to establish a pool of translators, especially for French, Spanish, German and Italian. Source language would always be English.

Q&A conference call:
We will offer a phone (zoom) conference for everyone interested in joining the 2020 mobilization – either as a group or an individual. We can get to know one another a bit, we’ll tell you more about the campaign and how you could get involved… or how we can get involved ;-):
We will be offering two different dates, let us know if you’d like to join:
Monday, 28.01. at 19.00 CET
Tuesday, 05.02. also at 19.00 CET

Get in touch
Either way: don’t hesitate to write us: By2020we@riseup.net


Our next meeting will once again take place within the framework of the Climate Justice Action Network between the 29th and 31st of March in Switzerland..
Please register in due time on their website: https://climatejusticeaction.net/
Venue and Place will be announced soon!
At the meeting, we will take our plans for 2020 forward and discuss how a strategy for our common escalation can look like. To prepare the discussion, please respond to our afromentioned call for action proposals.:

People involved in initiatives such as Extinction Rebellion, Il Est Encore Temps, Student’s Climate Strikes are more than welcome to come and use this space for a coordination between our mobilization. Also, there will be trainings that will be helpful for your work, such as a social media training by women from the Spanish M15 and M8 movements.


While we’re connecting our struggles and build towards our uprising in 2020 we will try to keep you informed about some of the the actions that our supporting groups are taking all over Europe.
Portugal and Spain
In 2019, Climáximo will be organising the first ever climate action camp in Portugal. It is called ‘Camp in Gas’, the target will be gas infrastrucure and it will be prepared through open meetings. More information under www.camp-in-gas.pt
Meanwhile, various groups from Portugal and Spain are discussing possible centralized actions in 2020 in hopes of hosting unpredecented mass action for climate justice on the Iberian peninsula.

The Animal Climate Action (AniCA), an activist group in Germany, will continue to put the spotlight on the negative effects of animal production on climate change in 2019. Between the 12th and the 14th of July, AniCA invites the climate justice movement to an action conference on a possible climate action against the animal production industry in the year 2020 – as part of By2020. Stay tuned and feel free to join the organization. https://animal-climate-action.org/en


In the framework of By2020 we also wish to offer a platform for trainers’ groups to come together to discuss and identify what they need to keep their activities going and to offer more trainings, and/or think about ways to scale up their actions. The aim is to offer people the tools that will empower them to rise up by 2020 for life and justice.

We therefore wish to offer the following:

  • visibility: possibility to be listed with contact details on one common page so that people can easily reach out
  • being a contact point for questions and contact requests
  • mapping and assessing what is already being done
  • creating and facilitating the spaces (virtual and physical) to meet, learn from past experiences, identify needs and how to meet them
  • working out together how to scale up (trainings for trainers, physical meeting spaces, financial resources, sustainable activism trainings etc…)

Get in touch with us by simply sending us an email.

As you can tell, a lot of our campaign is still very much in the making. For now, we’ll leave you in hope that you’ll join us in harnessing all of that potential.

With love and rage
the 2020 team

It takes a lot of us to make this uprising happen. We need you to shape this process with us.