Bannerdrop-Aktion am Herkules in Kassel

On 25.9.19, activists from KligK climbed a scaffold on the Herkules building in front of the visitors to the water games in the Wilhelmshöher Bergpark and unrolled a banner with the inscription “Our capitalist life – their climate crisis. Für eine Politik, die andern keine Grube gräbt”. In doing so, the activists wanted to draw attention to the fact that already today numerous people – especially in the global South – are affected by thunderstorms, floods and droughts without themselves having made any significant contribution to global climate change.

The campaign can also be seen as a direct response to the climate package adopted by the German government on Friday, which the activists consider to be completely inadequate.

Somos precisos muitos para que esta revolta aconteça. Precisamos de ti para dar forma a este processo.