Global Justice Rebellion

The EJB will help create the Global Justice Rebellion (GJR): a 1 – 2 week occupation in Central London from October 7th.

The EJB will be working alongside XR International Solidarity Network and XR Youth to help realise the GJR. The GJR will link directly with groups resisting climate breakdown in the global south. The EJB will work to ensure that these struggles, their voices, and demands are platformed in this space. We will work to ensure current and historical power dynamics are acknowledged and the voices of the Global South are foremost.

The GJR will be a site of cultural resistance, representing organisations across the world. We plan to make space for outdoor exhibitions, sharing the long history of international solidarity and global resistance. These resistances must be reflected in ways directed and led by communities in the global south; visually, graphically and audibly in the streets of London. We will prioritise those historically de-prioritised.

The GJRS will celebrate the frontline communities of resistance that are the fighting forces of the world – our livelihoods are completely dependent on them succeeding:

“they have to win for us to win”

Write to us at environmentaljusticebloc@gmail.com

Somos precisos muitos para que esta revolta aconteça. Precisamos de ti para dar forma a este processo.