04/09/2019 - 08/09/2019


Venice, as coast city, as city wherein water and stone intermingle, will be particularly affected by climate change effects and by the rising of the sea.
And yet, instead of thinking about how to confront this massive challenge, billions of public money have been spent for a major infrastructure as MOSE, only useful for fattening corrupt politicians and entrepreneurs. All this while cruise ships, harmful and devastating for the environment, keep passing few meters away from Saint Mark square.
Let’s make Venice a symbol of the struggle against climate change, let’s use the Venice Film Festival as a stage to be seen and heard worldwide!

We invite you to a great international camping, an opportunity to gather together, examine many of the issues linked to the climate crisis, to rally in the name of climate justice and against major works.
All this while being hosted in a beautiful occupied beach, set with minimal environmental impact.

Somos precisos muitos para que esta revolta aconteça. Precisamos de ti para dar forma a este processo.