By2020 is proposing to use Discord as a tool for internal communication and we’d like to encourage you to use it!
Its not the only tool (there are still mailing lists, chats, phone conferences, pads, …), but a very handy additional one.
You don’t have to install a client, it offers a browser version.

We are aware that Discord is not the best for security and privacy. We recommend thinking about what you want to share there.
We will switch away from Discord before the second wave to a more secure platform. However, we ask you to still use it in the meantime, so that communication is already working.

There is already an existing structure with regional, national and international groups. There are also groups organised by themes; you can join them, or create one that you feel is missing.
To join these groups, please send an email to outreach2020@riseup.net.
However, the final decision is up to you. If you decide against it, you can use physical meetings, mailing lists, Wire- or Signal-groups or whichever medium suits you best to stay in touch and coordinate.

Somos precisos muitos para que esta revolta aconteça. Precisamos de ti para dar forma a este processo.