Environmental Justice Bloc


After a few months of work with XR UK for the upcoming October International Rebellion, the Environmental Justice Bloc (EJB), an anti-capitalist, decolonial,intersectional left bloc as was created, as part of the Extinction Rebellion ‘Movement of Movements’.

The EJB will help create the Global Justice Rebellion (GJR): a 1 - 2 week occupation in Central London from October 7th. We are applying to XR UK for seed funding to help facilitate the participation of groups in the GJR as well as direct actions beyond the GJR main site demanding climate justice.

Working With Extinction Rebellion
Like many groups and individuals, each of us involved in EJB have had significant issues regarding some of the tactics and messages of XR(UK). With this in mind, the EJB does not seek to take instruction from XR. We are exploring and negotiating how we can operate independently from XR, whilst finding our common ground (see attached the ‘Statement of Intent’ setting out our relationship with XR UK).
We believe there is a constituency within XR and this country who are ready to hear and take on a de-colonial perspective, with motivations coming from anti-racist, class solidarity. We believe that for global systems to change individuals, groups and organisations need to explore how they can connect - across and with differences - in an international movement which will be of benefit to all life globally.