Working Groups


The outreach working group’s aim is to spread the word, get people together across networks and regions, and help out with strategy-building.


The translation working group aims to ensure that the website and documents of By2020WeRiseUp are translated into at least 4 languages. It also offers translation help to other groups if they want to share documents that are relevant to other contexts and countries but don’t have the capacity to translate them. Similarly, if a group wants to have access to materials in a language foreign to them, we can help out.

You’re welcome to connect us to volunteer translators to enrich our list of contacts and make it more diverse and numerous.


The legal working group is not to be confused with a legal team and cannot offer you legal advice or support. The legal working group is collecting contacts from legal teams to make them more accessible. Contacts will be shared upon request.

Web Team

The group in charge of maintaining and refining this website. You can contact them if you want to add something, have suggestions, spotted an error or want to help.

Social Media

The Social Media working group is giving visibility to actions in the context of By 2020 We Rise Up and connects the climate justice topics on various social platforms. You can find us on Twitter, Mastodon and Instagram.

It takes a lot of us to make this uprising happen. We need you to shape this process with us.