element messenger

Until the 15th of July 2020, “element” was called “riot”, see here.

By2020 is proposing to use Element as a tool for internal communication and we’d like to encourage you to use it!


To talk about Corona and coordinate a response within the climate justice movement(s), we are proposing Element as a platform for all movements to use to communicate and work together.

To join the conversation and the different topics that the Corona situation is raising, create a name in Element (chat on browser or install program), and then send an email entitled “Corona Riot” to: snn [-the at symbol-] riseup [dot] net

We will then add you to the conversation.
Thank you!

(Below comes the original explanation of why Element was originally offered to all groups by By2020WeRiseUp. Element is a tool that can horizontally enable more coordination, exchange and strategy.)

European Community

Many groups expressed the need for easier, smoother or more horizontal communication and coordination. We have therefore set up a European Element channel that you are all free and welcome to use to share ideas, actions, needs, invites or any of the like, in the framework of the coming waves of actions.

Feel free to also create other groups in the community, for example national groups or theme groups (e.g. people’s assemblies, training…), and invite more people interested in the same topic as you to join these groups.

To join this European communication channel on Element, you have to create an account in Element (chat on browser or install program) and send your user name to: snn [-the at symbol-] riseup [dot] net.

The aim of this platform is to help fast communication and coordination to increase our effectiveness as movements, in as secure a way as possible.

Other messengers

To connect with people in Element, you can also use other messengers based on Matrix, or, with the use of bridges, use different messengers altogether.
Be aware that other messengers might (will) differ in functionality and maybe also weaken security. For example, we propose you don’t use Facebook Messenger, Telegram, …

Of course, we are aware that there are many other platforms out there, and we encourage you to use whichever medium suits you best to stay in touch and coordinate (physical meetings, mailing lists, Wire- or Signal-groups…).