By2020WeRiseUp has organised a total of seven European strategy conferences, of which the last two had to be held online due to the COVID-19-pandemic. The earlier in-person meetings proved to be way more fruitful and productive than the online-meetings in retrospect: getting to meet in person, informal chats, and self-organised side-discussions were helpful beyond the agendas of meetings.

The European strategy conferences were a space for the European climate justice movement to discuss and work on strategy, coordination, and escalation. They were attended by big parts of the movement – traditional climate justice grassroots groups, NGOs, FfF, XR, etc. – and from many corners of Europe. As so many different groups from such different backgrounds came together, it was initially challenging and took some time to establish a shared working mode. Part of establishing coordination was a neutral and non-binding conception of the platform. This kept the platform accessible but also led to a working process that lacked continuity and commitment at times.

The final European Strategy Conference ( minutes) ended with finding a direction for continued collaboration and recommendations based on lessons learned over the past few years.

Many thanks to each and everyone who attended one of the European strategy conferences organised by By2020WeRiseUp!
We’re grateful for your work and the life you filled the platform and meetings with.

Die Protokolle von vergangenen Plena können hier nachgelesen werden: Protokolle.