The vision was drafted late 2018 and stands only as a a vision of what could be and nothing else. Indeed, By2020’s sole purpose is to be a platform and it doesn’t aim at planning actions. Texts like the vision are a working basis for everyone to adapt and around which to organize, based on local contexts and diversities.

Turning the Tide 2020 – Streaming towards Climate Justice

Let’s join in for a long-term escalation of action for climate justice and system change!

After a joint campaign launch in early 2019, countless groups organize decentralized actions that fit their regional context and are at the same time connected to the 2020 campaign. The diversity of actions throughout the whole year becomes a call for a common uprising in 2020, starting end of September 2019.

From the last days of September 2019 and going into 2020, Europe will see several waves of coordinated mass actions happen: People block pipelines, harbours, airports, coal-mines, agro-industry, banks, arms factories and borders, standing up for climate justice and system change. The disruptive and diverse actions of a multitude of organizations and movements clearly belong to one campaign, one common effort, amounting to an uprising, massive and non-violent against life. An uprising against an economic model that has many losers and that destroys the very natural foundations life on Earth depends on.

The perspective of the mass actions fosters and strengthens new alliances. Local groups are inspired because they share a bigger context and the goal of escalating to 2020. The mass actions gain momentum throughout a year of decentralized actions. The expectation that something big will happen spreads widely…

Around the actions, people will gather in community halls and reclaim squares to hold assemblies and to discuss what climate justice and system change can look like in practice.


  • Empower ourselves as civil societies to take collective action at unprecedented levels to respond to the challenge of the 1.5 degree upper limit.
  • Take immediate and decisive steps to end the fossil fuel era now.
  • An emancipatory transition overcoming systemic injustices, towards societies based on relations of mutual care and solidarity.
  • Societies respecting planetary boundaries, which recognize themselves as part of nature.

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